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The Strom Foundation


– supporting children with autism and learning difficulties.



Strom is a small organization, formed by parents of disabled children and people who take care of them in their job (teachers, therapists..)


  • They operate 4 classrooms but use money for both school and non-school activities of mainly autistic children.
  • They currently work with 24 disabled children in 4 classrooms, about half are autistic children of young age (around 9 years) with learning difficulties, the second half are children with serious physical handicaps.
  • The autistic children are mainly boys - they say the boys tend to be affected more than girls.
  • While the classrooms are run by the city (through nearby elementary school), the Strom organization is trying to help fund better standards, equipment, activities...
  • They normally work with donations of hundreds of pounds rather than thousands, so TACC’s donation will make a big difference to their lives.



We asked them how they would use a grant from TACC, our preference being that it would provide fun and enjoyment for the children.


<defanghtml_span>Their answer was outdoor equipment for their playground.

<defanghtml_span>They say they would like children to spend more time outdoors, and although they have a garden there is little outdoor equipment at the moment.

<defanghtml_span>The items they would value most would be a trampoline (jumping is one of few natural motoric activities autistic children like), hammocks and other bits and pieces which would form a nice outdoors playground.


<defanghtml_span>This seems perfect to TACC – a long-lasting legacy of the Tartan Army’s visit to Prague which will please many children over the years.


Our goal is to donate £15,000 to Strom – please help if you can. Here are some suggestions:


  • Buy a Czech Republic vs. Scotland trip t-shirt
  • Come to see Ted Christopher, Davy Holt and Spud the Piper, playing at Flannigan’s Irish Bar in Prague on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th October
  • Organize an event such as a pub quiz, race night or disco, or just a raffle. TACC will happily provide a few raffle prizes and other assistance.


Supporters are also welcome to join us when we visit the school on Friday 8th October. Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Amy’s story


We asked Strom to provide us with information about some of the children.….


Today Amy´s 8 years old. Her birth was very dramatic and Amy´s brain deterioration will always be reminder of that night.

We knew something’s going wrong since the very beginning – Amy would scream, cry and vomit all the time, without any progress in terms of motoric skills.


When Amy was 6 months old, she and I started to travel regularly long distances for checkups. In that time the difficulties started to affect our family life, too, which hasn’t improved until now.


Although it has been clear that Amy is not developing the way she was supposed to, it took almost 6 years of medical treatment to hear definite diagnosis – children autism.


Amy is hyperactive, unmanageable especially when spending time outdoors. Although it often takes 2 people to look after her, we don’t manage to protect her from accidents (the serious ones included leg or back bone fracture). She can’t see any of the everyday little dangers – stairways, windows, roads, cooker, iron...


On the other hand, Amy is very friendly and spontaneous. It is sweet watching her getting all excited when her favourite tram comes to the stop or how happy she is when somebody visits.


Unfortunately there’s less and less people coming to visit us – due to her problematic behaviour we’re getting into sort of social isolation.

This is why the school Amy goes to is so important to us. She has her favourite friends in classroom. Every week, we pull together weekend stories so that children can talk about what they experienced. The life with Amy´s handicap is tough – you’re losing your lifestyle, friends, freedom, the world is all up side down but there is only one way – fight for your child.

Amy’s mum


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