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After a year of organising and fundraising we eventually raised £23,000!

£10,000 of this has been donated to Tbilisi Children's Hospital , who will bought a new incubator and other desperately needed medical equipment.


Our £10,000 donation paid for this new incubator, as well as other desperately needed equipment.


The great news is that the baby in the picture had been inside it and is now recovering – the first life saved by the generosity of Scotland supporters.

Tbilisi_incubator_1 Tbilisi_incubator_2

£5,000 will be donated to Martkopi , a charity which provides a day centre for a group of homes for handicapped children in Tbilisi.

A massive thanks to everyone who contributed along the way – i’m sure everyone would agree it was worth the effort. Cheers!

For more details of the fundraising and the trip see the TartanTbilisi pages. 

For the eagle-eyed mathematicians out there……..
£5,000 will also be donated to a cause in Kiev, Ukraine. A good part of the £23k was raised at events in October when Ukraine came to Hampden.





We have just recieved this update from Jackie in Georgia on the progress made with our donations.........


This really is amazing, thank you very much for your continued support and funds!! Your email's very timely as I've just visited the hospital and was conscious I owed you an update.

I went to the medical supply company and the hospital last Thursday night to see how things are progressing. I now have a proper contract detailing our order for:

A neonatal incubator with automatic temperature control and water tank
A pulseoximeter
An infusor
A new compressor motor (to replace the broken one in the premature baby unit).

The pulseoximeter and infusor are attachments to be used with the incubator. The medical firm gave me a bit of a discount, so I had enough left in our original allocation of 10,000 Euros for the incubator to pay for a new compressor motor as well. The compressor is an incredibly important piece of equipment used in tandem with the incubators. For want of a better word it's been knackered for months, and the only hope for it was to find funds to replace the motor. And now we can, so hurray!

This all came to 9930 Euros, the pulseoximeter, infusor and compressor motor will be taken to the hospital immediately, as these are already at the supply company. The incubator will arrive in about 6 - 7 weeks time, all being well transport-wise (it's coming from Germany).

Dave and I also visited the orphan's room with the allocated consignment of nappies - as you can imagine they were very gratefully received. Once I've paid in full for the medical equipment, and taken out our allocated amount for the nappies, I'll see how much of the £10,000 is left. As with your wishes I'll ask if there's another piece of equipment the baby unit needs. I'll let you know when I get to that point - probably some time after Christmas I should think.

I wanted to tell you how chuffed the Director of the medical supply company was with the Scottish donation, saying what wonderful people you all were for raising the money. He also joked that he'd been worried you might want the money back since Scotland lost the match!

I think that's all from my side of things. 

Cheers for now,



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